Isnin, 29 Julai 2013

Tempe vs Budu : Happy 38th Birthday Incik Abang

I'm not a good cook (hey..what's new kan..hehe), but, since it's Incik Abang's birthday, I thought that maybe I should put my super duper extra effort to prepare special dishes for our iftar on this special day, even though I am a bit confuse of how special is that special, hehehe


A friend ( a very good friend actually) called me and invited our family to have iftar together at their place..(mcm tau2 jek..Yana tengah kalut pikiaq nak masak apa sebenarnya..) She also stressed, bring all the kids, bring everyone..

Lucky Me..


And to be honest, I really, really admire and envy her to the max. She runs her own practice, but still she has time to cook for us, and this is not her first time. For her, it's like forever. Doing the good deeds, without any intention, everything is for Allah and ummah. She's just so good in dividing her time for her family, her work, and charity works she's a good cook! I wish I could be like her, be in her shoes...

But yes..


I know, I can't be like her. I am what I am,
But it's just her spirit that I adore the most.
One day, when it's time, it's time Yana,
I want to do the same

Allah, permudahkanlah urusan mereka2 ini dunia & akhirat.

So, what did I get for Incik Abang? 

Nothing much, had something on my mind this morning, and I decided to scriblle a note for him,

Not forgetting..


For My Incik Abang on his birthday..

and to all

Fire, performed by Aizat & Siti Nurhaliza

4 ulasan :

mama_onie berkata...

Romentiknya.. to my darling husband!... dah lama tak romentik dgn encik kudin lah (tetiba)

yana berkata...

to be..or not to be..the choice is all yours..:)

greetingsfromengland berkata...

roses look really lovely yana...and your card is so sweet, your hubby is a lucky man! Allah will reward your friend for inviting you for berbuka puasa, and you for attending and making her happy...all's well and fair in Allah's eyes kan...take care.

yana berkata...

Tq so much for the nice compliments..and're absolutely right sis, I see the big truth in there..InshaAllah I will not forget to always remember that...Selamat berbuka!