Rabu, 7 Ogos 2013

Travelog Yana : The End of Ramadan

Today marks the end of Ramadan, so, tomorrow will be the day that has been patiently awaited by Muslims all around the globe, and also by my kids, Eid ul Fitri or Hari Raya day. A joyous celebration to be celebrated with our loved ones after we have completed our Ramadan. My feelings? Kind of mixed actually, but, taking Eid ul Fitri as a special gift, so this is no time for us to feel sad, we have had our chance to be a good Muslim all through Ramadan, a chance to experience the beauty of it and inshaAllah we will be united with this holy month again.InshaAllah.

And to everyone, have a blessed Eid!

Moga amalan kita semua di terima oleh-Nya.

My daughters trying their new pashmina for Hari Raya.

close up

With my red roses

Us sitting in our new yard, thank you Incik Abang!

Bonding Time!

and to my bestfriend

Happy Belated Birthday!

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mekchu berkata...

punya lah leka melayan tgk anak2 puan melukis.. tiba2 terperanjat tgk ada muka sendiri..

tq my bff.. muahss

yana berkata...

Sama-sama dear..

ilass berkata...

untong laaa...

yana berkata...