Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

Snail Mail Fan !!! Postor..postor..

I've always loved snail mail. The moments when the mail guy stepping in front of my yard, I guess is one of the most unspoke-able moments in my entire life. The feelings of knowing someone is actually sending you a letter, or anything, and you keep asking yourself, what's inside the mail, is it a good news or a bad news. Whatever the contents are, you still patiently waiting for the mail, which is for me is too personal, the feelings are just too personal. I don't know about others, but for me, when talking about snail mail, that's the best description  that I can give.

So when I heard about The Snail Mail Collective, organized by the lovely Melissa, from The Nectar Collective, without doubt, I got myself enrolled in the mailing list, and I have been paired with Sarah, from USA, and I really liked her blog, New Wave Domesticity, she has a wonderful blog!

So, that means, from now on, I have to brush up my English (dah berkarat, rusty! The last time I wrote  in English (formal writing) when I was in my sophomore year, 2000!), I need to regularly write in English, because Google Translate don't really help, but I really hope, all these language things will not become as a barrier in my attempt to knowing others from different backgrounds, friendship needs no reason, am I right? As long as we all have a good intention, the rest will fall into place. 

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