Ahad, 1 Disember 2013

After months of...

So, verily, with every difficulty, there is relief:Verily with every difficulty there is relief.

I'm on the way to recovery.. 
and  I hope that will explain my down to the earth's silence from the blog world..

and as for my first born, Alhamdulillah..all the hard work finally paid off

Where there is pain, there's joy, right?

I leave you guys with a song from Coldplay, In My Place..

This song carries my woes and my fears.. throughout the wonderful and lovely journey I've had together with my children..

and I'm truly grateful I've thrived so far, though the road taken, the road less traveled..

Love, Yana.

4 ulasan :

mama_onie berkata...

Semoga semuanya baik baik saja

mikamusz berkata...

Semoga kembali sihat ye yana.

greetingsfromengland berkata...

salam yana dear, truly hope things are getting better for you inshallah!

ilass berkata...

how are you now my dear blogger friend??